About Us

The optimum solution for persistent enigma

We are a Software Development Company that strives to achieve excellence through innovation. Through the years, we approached every project we have done with an eye for futuristic enhancement and renovation. That approach made us into the Organization we are now. The long term goals we set in the past and the experience we garnered through working on different types of projects enabled us to be competitive enough to take on unexpected challenges.

From the inception of our Company, we decided to travel along a non-traditional path and choose an unorthodox path to make us stand apart from other companies. This modernized approach gave our existing clients unlimited options for expansion in their current projects which in turn assisted with their business.

Our Clients and our Employees are treated like family at Calcus Technologies. I invite you to be a part of an emerging Software Development Company and let's establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Our Mission

To grow as an organization that could tackle all kinds of business problems with software solutions.

Our Vision

To become a product-driven international software company that develops global business solutions for daily utilization.